What are the Charactristics of the Arabian Horse?

While there are many different horse breeds, throughout the world one of the most prominent for many different reasons is the Arabian horse. They have distinct characteristics about them. Among other breeds, Arabian horses stand out and are easily recognizable and race extremely well.

The Size

One of the first and most important traits about a horse is its size. This is not to say bigger is better; some like smaller horses while others like this animal to be tall. When it comes to the Arabian horse there is a specific size standard that is set for this breed. The size of a horse is depicted in hands and for the Arabian, the size should be between 14.1 hands and 15.1 hands. In inches, this equates to about 57 to 61 inches.


When you look at the head of an Arabian horse you will note that it has a wedge shape to it. The forehead tends to be broad and while the muzzle appears to be small the eyes will appear as will the nostrils. You may also see that there is a slight bulge on the forehead. This is a normal trait for the Arabian Horse.

Distinctive Features

What really stands out on the Arabian horse is that their coup appears to be longer than many of the other breeds. It also tends to carry its tail high which gives it a most impressive look. Overall the body is comprised of a short back with a compact body. It often looks like these horses are standing tall.


One of the great attributes that the Arabian horse possesses is the variety of colours it can be. These can be grey and white, rabicano or as some call it roan, or sabino. You may find Arabians in other colours but they may not be considered as being purebred.

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