What are Some Common Disorders Found in the Arabian Horse?

For the most part, the Arabian horse breed is considered to be of the healthiest and strong. Like any animal though, they can be subject to some genetic and common illnesses and disorders. Some of these can be more serious than others. When one looks at the entire gambit of genetic disorders that can be present in the different breeds of horses when it comes to the Arabian horses there are six that are most prominent and that one needs to be aware of.

Immunity Problems

One issue this breed tends to face involves an Arabian foal being born with no immune system. If this happens the prognosis for the foal is poor as they cannot fight off infections. Usually, there will be loss of life with the foal within three months.

Color Symptoms

There is a genetic condition that can be present in the Arabian horses that affect the colour of their hair. This is called Lavender foal syndrome. Unfortunately, the colour of the hair is a symptom that indicates that the foal will most likely have such serious health problems at birth that it will not survive.

There are just two examples of the severaral types of genetic diseases that can present in the Arabian horse breed. Out of the six two of them are usually fatal and two most leads to having to have the foal euthanized. The other two can be treated successfully.

There is genetic testing that can be done to help determine if these genetic abnormalities may be present in most cases. Although nobody likes to think of anything negative when it comes to the health of a horse there are genetic risks in any breed. In comparison, there are fewer in the Arabian horse breed compared to some others.

With this breed of horse being such a popular one it has created the demand for ongoing research in genetic studies to help shed more light on this.

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