What Are Arabian Horses Used For?

When discussing what purpose horses serve, there are several;

Horse Racing

Contrary to the belief of many, it is not just thoroughbreds that are used for horse racing. The Arabian horse is well known for its agility and speed. To support this, all one has to do is look at the choices that England made when it came to breeds being used in the racing industry. The foundation sires used in this case were those from the Darley as well as the Byerly Turk and the Godolphin Arabians.


Showmanship in the horse industry is a big and important category. This is something that horse breeders show a keen interest in. The Arabian horse that has been properly trained can be very impressive in halter showmanship. The judges will focus on the conformation of the horse as well as its beauty and the Arabian horse possesses both of these attributes.

Sports Riding

The Arabian can certainly fill the sports riding responsibilities in several different categories. They are known to be agile and have the ability to perform man-oeuvres that would be considered difficult for many of the other breeds.


For those that are into dressage riding the Arabian horse is most often one of the most favored breeds for this. They can be easy to train and are attentive. This combined with its other characteristics make it an ideal choice.

Western Riding

While the Arabian horse is perfect for the finesse that is needed for Dressage they are equally adept at rugged performances that often take place in western riding.

For those that are looking for a horse breed that has all of the favored traits that one wants in a horse, they need look no further than the Arabian horse breed.

The Arabian horse breed is diverse and serves many purposes from work to sport.

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