Tales From the Past About the Arabian Horses

Legends and rumours exist in many societies, industries, the horse races being no different. Here are some of the most fascinating of the legends:

The Days of the Bible

Connotations of the Arabian horse can be traced back to what is considered to be a myth of the bible. The story goes that when the angel Gabriel appeared to Abraham’s son that he saw a creature that was prancing about and was extremely handsome. So based on this the first Arabian horse to be named by the Bedouins was the Drinker of the Wind.

Allah and the Arabian Horse

Another tale about the Arabian horse depicts how Allah created this horse from the wind along with with the sun. As the story indicates Allah gave commands to these two elements to create this breed of horse. There are variations to the stop depending on who is telling it.

King Solomon

Again going back to the Biblical days it is said that King Solomon received a horse that was of the Arabian breed and was named Safanad. This was supposedly a gift from the Queen of Sheeba. Then there is another version of the story that reiterates that the King himself gave an Arabian horse by the name of “Gift of the Rider” when translated to the Nnu Azd people.


Mythical history has it that Muhammad chose the mares that he would use for breeding based on their ability to provide loyalty and courage. This test supposedly consisted of a long trek through the desert where the mares became thirsty. Upon spotting a lush oasis comprised of water the mares were set free to allow them to bolt towards the water. Upon the command of Muhammad to stop and return to Muhammad before taking a drink only five of the mares obeyed the command. This was as legend has it the true test of loyalty and courage.

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