How to Care for the Arabian Horse

If you are going to be the owner of an Arabian horse then you must be prepared to take on the responsibilities that come with horse ownership, especially with such a complex breed.

Proper Housing

One thing about the Arabian breed of horses is that they are strong in their health. They are also a very intelligent breed of animal and will want to be allowed to roam free in the pasture as much as possible. At the very least you will need some type of lean-to in order to protect your horse from the elements. If you live in a cold snowy region then ideally you will want to have a barn with a stall to provide shelter for the horse.

Proper Food

If you have a lush green pasture then you will have a good food source for your Arabian horse. However, you may also want to and need to supplement this with hay and grain. The type and amount will depend on the size and age of your horse.

Experts will vary on their recommendations for the amount that you should feed your horse but may say that you should give them anywhere between 1 to 1.5 percent of the weight of their body. You can rely on the providers of the grain or your vet to help you with the proper feeding regime.


No matter what the Arabian horse is going to be used for, you will need to expose it to some basic training. You must be at least able to ground handle your horse. This means being able to put a halter on the horse and being able to lead him. He should allow anyone to handle him when it comes to moving him about or checking him over for any potential irregularities. You should be able to groom the horse, and he should not fuss when handling his hoofs for cleaning and shoeing.

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