Famous Arabian Horses

If you are new to the Arabian horse breed, then no doubt you will be interested in those that are considered to be the most famous.

Marwan Al Shaqab

While this may seem like a difficult name to say there is no doubt that once you lay eyes on this Arabian beauty you will not forget the beauty of this magnificent stallion. He is owned by the Royal Stables in Qatar and recently was moved to Texas in the US. What has made this Arabian the most famous among its breed is its three time win of the world championship, a two time win with the US National Championships and the title of being the leading world sire seven years in a row for the World Championships only to be beaten by the 11 year title for the same at the US championships.


This stallion has earned the title of being the fourth in line as a leading producer of Arabian offspring. What is impressive about Muscat among many things is his record for being the youngest stallion to ever be used for breeding at the Tersk Stud. Within just one year this Arabian horse earned the title of US National Champion and then the Canadian National Champion and within the same year became the champion at Scottsdale.


Perhaps the one that would be recognized most by even the notice Arabian horse lovers would be Khemosabi.This was a horse that was recognized for its achievements in showmanship. He excelled in the Western Pleasure show ring.He received the achievement of Legion of Masters with the Arabian Horse Association. During his lifetime Khemosabi sired in excess of 1200 foals. Many of these went on to be first class winners in many championships.

Aside from these three outstanding examples, there are several other Arabian horses that can be considered to be famous.

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