Breeding the Arabian Horses

For those not familiar with the intricacies of horse breeding it is just a matter of putting a stud and a mare together and letting nature take its course. In reality, there is much more to it than that when responsible breeding of the Arabian Horses is taking place.

At one time these horses were identified according to their Bedouin strains but this is no longer the case. The focus is now put on the strain of the pedigree-based on its origins.

The Arabian horses are categorized into the following categories:

There are distinct bloodlines that breeders will favor. Some breeders want to focus on the production of offspring that will be noted for its beauty. Others feel that the characteristics of the Arabian horse such as its stamina and agility should be of the main importance and focus.

While there may be matters of opinion that arise in the breeding of the Arabian horse a must have is a lineage back to the Arabian horses that originated from the purebred Arabian horse of the Arabian desert.

Different associations have set their own definition concerning the Arabian horse. These are organizations such as the AHA and the WAHO.

For those that are breeding horses that are intended for showing and competing the breeders must be aware of the stipulations and mandates that are set by the various organizations as they pertain to under what organization the horse will be registered with.

Above all else, breeders must practice responsible breeding methods. Focusing on only choosing healthy horses for this and safe and sterile practices

Breeding can also take place with other horse breeds but the intent and purpose of the breeding must create the ground rules for the breeding. This way foals will not be produced that are not going to serve a purpose either as a pet or for the purposes of carrying on a bloodline.

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